Cross Media – the new trend in stock photography

Last summer I introduced you to one of my personal experiences with stock photography through my blog “Stock Shoot Kids ‘N’ Balloons”.  As a pro photographer, I find it amazing how much has changed in the industry even from the previous summer.  The latest trend in the stock industry is the sale of cross media packages comprising of a collection of stills with matching footage all produced from the same shoot.  For those of you who are asking, “what is stock footage?” well essentially it’s a short high definition video footage lasting between 10-15 seconds that is not custom shot for a particular use such as in a movie or commercial but rather to be sold to multiple potential clients through stock libraries.   So now you ask, “who buys this footage and why”?   The answer is quite simple:  Everyone in the moving picture business who wants to save money and time.

Now let me elaborate on that a bit.  For example, both television and movie series as well as commercials and news programs frequently use stock footage as a way to keep costs down and save on production time. Footage of city landscapes, famous landmarks, and historical events are frequently used over and over again.  I once met the photographers who shot the areal footage of New York City, which was featured in the beginning of every episode of the series “Sex and the City.” Talk about a great sale!  A movie or television series will also reuse footage from previous installments adding minor modifications as a way to reduce filming time and costs associated with re shooting similar scenes. Many websites are moving towards using stock footage as well as stills in their online marketing and advertisement thus creating websites with rich media content.  Footage is even starting to appear on electronic billboards!

Stock libraries have realized the incredible sales potential that the footage industry has to offer and as a result, they have created cross media packages providing their clients with a large selection of both stills and footage.  I recently photographed a cross media stock shoot for Image Source, a London based stock library.  Working side by side with their art director and videographer, we simultaneously shot stills and footage of each scene/topic on our shoot brief.  Check out some of my stills featured in this blog and to see the full cross media package, follow this link (soon to be published):

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

See the finished products at Image Source

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