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Cherry Pickers…are not just for picking cherries!

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Late last year, my team and I were commissioned to photograph the new completed phase for Arcos Gardens Golf Club and Country Estate.  The Club, located in the picturesque countryside of the town Arcos de la Frontera, had recently completed construction of their magnificent new Clubhouse and required new images of the building as well as their new luxury villas for use in their various advertisement campaigns.

As that I have years of experience in shooting  golf clubs and have previously shot this particular one, I was aware of the challenges awaiting us.  The terrain through which this course runs through is quite flat.  There are no significant natural land elevations from which I could obtain sufficient height in order to capture anything monumental in terms of the landscape.

Outside of using a helicopter, I decided that  a crane of sufficient size would do the job.  For a reasonable daily rate, Arcos Gardens hired for me a 20 meter articulated mobile crane, a.k.a. a cherry picker, that is quite easily operated by your average photographer or better yet your technical assistant.  Over our 5-day shoot schedule, we certainly took advantage of having this piece of heavy machinery at our disposal…and what fun we had!  Check out our video clip to get an idea of what I’m talking about!


Escape to Africa

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

My latest photographic adventure took me on a relatively short trip down to the Dark Continent. I was commissioned to photograph a unique Moroccan-styled townhouse in Tangier, Morocco. As that I live in Southern Spain, getting to Tangier involved a short car ride into the expansive port of Algeciras followed by a one and a half hour ferry ride to the port of Tangier. The townhouse itself was a 10-minute walk from the port and located just outside the Medina. Although the exterior of this property was simple and unobtrusive, the interiors were magnificent featuring traditional U-shaped arches, elaborate use of bright color, and extravagant decorations. Traditional Zellige terra cotta tile work covered much of the floor and walls of almost every room while impressive Moorish plasterwork adorned the vaulted ceilings…and the views were absolutely spectacular! All in all, an amazing property. Enjoy the pics!