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Quality Images Sell

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” certainly holds true in our fast paced and image conscious world.  Today’s real estate world is largely based on Internet and print publications.  As that virtually every property on the market has been advertised using images, high quality photographs can make a huge impact on its sale ability.  Potential buyers browsing for properties will be drawn to images that stand out above the rest.


One of the two key elements in shooting any property is lighting.   The expensive equipment used to light interior is not enough to get the right light; you must also rely on Mother Nature.  Lets face it, when you see a beautiful interior image with natural soft sunlight shining in and crystal blue skies, the impression is completely different than the same image displaying cold and gray skies.


The soft sunlight captured on an image during the morning and evening illuminates your set with inviting warm tones and detail.  I use lighting equipment to basically balance out the exterior and interior light for exposure purposes thus avoiding burnt out windows.

Equally important to lighting is the actual styling of the interior.  Having a creative stylist on hand is certainly an asset!  It is my stylist’s job to recce the property and decide

what props we need to bring on the day of the shoot.

The right amount of appropriate well-placed props gives any room a realistic lived-in look.  Most interior shots will also benefit from a “little green”.

Both plants and cut flowers add a splash of colour and life.

A key fact to remember is that “less is often more” as far as styling is concerned and there is a big difference between a lived-in look and a chaotic mess.

The final phase in perfecting an interior image is done in post-production.  One cannot control if a crane or lamppost is seen through the window of your image and thanks to Photoshop, these nuisances can quite easily be removed.  Programs such as Lightroom also enable me to perform fine colour balance as well as correct wide-angle lens distortions.

By using quality lighting and styling and the latest in digital camera and post production techniques, even the average property can become a buyer’s dream home.  To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, I’ve included some examples of before and after images featuring what these techniques can do for an interior.